10×10: Multi Room Storage

Are you re-doing the house this summer? Have you thought about where you’re going to keep your bedroom sets, cabinets and other items? Utilize this space for the business and home. Store the extra office supplies like desks and chairs while also storing seasonal sports equipment. Keep the productivity up and the clutter out.

10×15: Ideal for Large Items

Do you need a little extra room for large items? Maybe it’s finally time to redo the laundry room but the washer and dryer need a place to stay until the room is finished. A 10×15 unit at Storage Sense in Colorado Springs, CO is perfect! All our locations offer this optimal storage unit. This unit will keep all your boxes, TV and mattresses safe and secure.

10×25: Great for Your Boat or Car!

Are you searching for a place to store your biggest appliances? All of our locations have large units which are big enough to hold the entire house and then still have room for more. Storage Sense in Winston-Salem North Carolina offers a spot to keep your most prized possession, the car, boat, or RV. When you are all done moving your house into the storage unit park your summer convertible with us for safe keeping.